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Jenny Charlesworth is a senior editor at Today's Parent and regularly contributes to Canada's No.1 magazine, Chatelaine. She has written for The Globe and Mail, The Huffington Post, The Grid, Paste Magazine, The Wire, Montecristo Magazine and The Block. Jenny is also a former member of the Polaris Music Prize Grand Jury, and has appeared on CTV National News, CityTV and CBC Radio.

Where’s Leno? An Interview with Chris Buck

Canadian-born photographer Chris Buck is releasing his first book, Presence: The Invisible Portrait, a series of shots capturing the likes of Sarah Silverman, Robert De Niro, and Russell Brand. But you won’t see any of their famous mugs while flipping though Presence—Buck’s subjects are carefully concealed within the scenery. We asked the Toronto ex-pat (he now resides in New York) what it’s like to play hide-and-seek with A-listers.

1. Jay Leno

Buck doesn’t shoot and tell, so we can’t know for sure if Jay Leno is crouched behind his hot rod. But based on the ground rules for Presence, it seems like a good guess. “People have to be in the same physical space as us. So you can’t be in another building or vehicle.” The environment is also the key to understanding what Buck is doing with his tableau. “When you’re photographing someone who’s a known entity you can do more subtle things because the audience knows who they’re dealing with,” he says. “So whether it’s David Lynch or Kathy Griffin, they’re going to interpret the scene differently based on what they know about the celebrity.”

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--Published in The Grid September 5, 2012

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